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EsionX touches millions of lives every day. Our mission at EsionX is to save and support life.

Our products and services are essential components of a quiet environment. Protection and improvement of the environment as a valuable resource for people and against the harmful effects of noise pollution and radiation.

Four global companies: EsionX, esionHome, esionBaby, esionPet.

EsionX offers noise-reducing green walls.

Esion Power Nap Pillow.

Esion Power Nap Room relaxation in the noise-free environment for hospital staff, pilots and other busy professionals.

EsionHome – quiet bedrooms for adults and children, noise reduction products for the floor, ceiling, walls, and doors, as well as pillows, curtains, beds reducing noise. With personalized designs.

EsionBaby – noise reducing products for baby bed, and stroller.

EsionPet – noise reduction cage.

Noise Reducing Products focus on transformational innovations to provide smarter, more personalized healthcare. Every day, our mission to save and support life is in the foreground, because we strive to achieve the goal of the highest quartile. Our goal is to accelerate growth by increasing the impact of Esion on the healthcare spectrum, supported by the evolution of our new product line.

Invest in People

Our programs are run by the management of leading experts in Europe. Such as engineers, welders, agriculture experts, old generation wood experts and experienced people in sewing and upholstery.

Inspire people to learn disappearing professions.

At EsionX, we’ve proudly created a team of successful, like-minded professionals who want to provide opportunities for young people. If you think you can contribute something to our organization, call or write to register your interest.

Our programs are run by the management of leading experts in Europe. Such as engineers, welders, agriculture and sewing and upholstery.

The improvement of vegetation, quality, production efficiency and consumer safety are the main objectives of agricultural advisory practice. In this sector there are experts related to the growth and quality of vegetation, soil, soil composition.

We have selected consultants in the agricultural sector, listed by specialization. Many other similar experts are in our proprietary database. Contact an EsionX specialist to help find technical experts who exactly meet your needs.

We provide comprehensive financial information for investors. Review our annual report and proxy statements; gain access to information on transactions, documentation and financial schedules; or check the calendar of events for scheduled connections and investor meetings.


Information for investors please send mail: [email protected]


We present global noise reduction products.

Our Products

We offer a variety of ways to make your voice heard in your Healthy City.

Please make sure your voice is heard and let us know your vision for a healthy city.

I look forward to receiving your support as well as your opinions and sharing your vision improving health and creating safer, more sustainable cities.

Please have a look at your brief presentation and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time.


  • Environmental Care. Noise Reducing Green Walls
  • Hospital Care. Noise Reducing Nap Room
  • Public Health. Noise Reducing Power Pillow
  • Home Care. Noise Reducing Products


Valuable Leaders Community Mission is – Serving Communities

To protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people of  Monaco and around the world. To protect our people and the environment from harmful effects of noise pollution. Helping you reach a healthy life, full of possibilities in a healthy environment.

Innovative green noise-reducing walls ® create a quiet, green environment

that supports health, security, social interaction, as well as a sense of pride

and cultural identity and meets the needs of all citizens.


We invite empowering and dynamic leaders like you to participate in the global project to improve health and well-being by supporting the city with green protection from noise and radiation.


We’re engaging with industry thought valuable leaders to explore how science and innovation advance healthier lifestyle.



  • EsionX Noise Reducing Green Walls increase access to a better lifestyle, improve the quality of the environment, and increase people’s satisfaction and well-being. By supporting the environment creating:
  • X-Ray Protection: EsionX X-Ray ingeneering architecture experts, have developed X-Ray matt and fabric, a sophisticated fabric able to block up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation in your home, office, school environment.
  • Healthy city: we’ve used the latest technology to reduce noise so that the environment in which we live becomes calmer and reduces stress.
  • Green City: Establishing and maintaining healthy environments: toward a social ecology of health promotion.
  • Save Water: Protecting water resources by using artificial grass.
  • Aesthetic City: Noise Reducing Green Walls, which combine aesthetics, safety, and functionality.
  • Safe: Safest walls, at EsionX ®, we always put your security first. The lack of sharp edges of systems is particularly important in cities where barriers are mounted along pedestrian and cyclist paths.
  • Luxury Silent retreat: The quietest Noise Reduction Green Wall ® ever made. Shrine of peace and quiet. It creates a wonderful environment that attracts every person in a luxurious environment.


Our Corporate Responsibility Priorities 2027

Valuable Leaders and EsionX corporate responsibility strategy focuses on the environmental, social, and economic initiatives that align with our company’s mission to sustain healthy lives. Our 2027 priority framework reflects the corporate responsibility topics that are vital to our business and the communities we touch worldwide.

Our latest 2020 corporate responsibility priorities focus on environmental initiatives, protecting people and animals from radioactivity. We work with the world’s best engineers – specialists in radioactivity. The latest line of anti-radioactivity products and architectures are called EXR8, which means EsionX X-Ray 8, which are essential to the community.


Our Story

Our over 20-year heritage gives us a clear look at the needs of humanity.

We run today using these insights to work to provide new and better solutions for creating a quiet environment in which we live and work.


People of EsionX

We are a community of diverse professionals working together to drive healthier environment options.


Product Innovation

EsionX, a Monaco-based architecture, engineering firm, has developed an exclusive line of soundproofing green noise reduction walls.

Improve sustainability and performance of products and services by enhancing product quality and safety, reducing material use, minimizing chemicals of concern in new products, and promoting product recycling.



Investor News. At the beginning of 2020, we signed a contract with European leaders for a total of EUR 150 million and due to the global epidemic, the project is postponed until the end of the year.



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