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EsionX Standard Wall

Standard wall ®️ against noise & radiation. Contains a combination of absorbing and reflective screen. 349.00

EsionX Curved Wall

Curved wall ®️ with angle of the wings is used to redirect the noise. 399.00

EsionX Short Wall

Short full wall ®️ is security and noise barriers are used to ensure safety. 179.00

EsionX Long-Standing Wall

Long lasting wall installation for longer period for home, airports. 499.00

EsionX Easy Wall

Easy wall ®️ personalized acoustic wall, made in line with your graphics, logo or messages of your choice. 129.00

EsionX Rentable Products in Monaco

Rentals in Monaco €2.00 / day

EsionX Safety Barrier


EsionX Adjustable Bar™️


EsionX Green Door


EsionX Green Gate


EsionX X-Ray 8 Curtains (XR8C)

EsionX X-Ray Curtains 8, is an effective preventive measure against high frequency radiation. PEM shielding fabric width 250 cm / 2m long. 149.00

EsionX X-Ray 8 Wall (XR8W)

The latest invention of the 21st century: Protective matt against radioactivity. 888.00